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Thursday Meetings

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Step 11 Prayer and Meditation Meeting (Alcoholics Anonymous)

6:00 am Thursday
Conference Room

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Casual Nooners (Alcoholics Anonymous)

12:00 pm Thursday
Back Room

Big Book study with discussion.

Happy Hour (Alcoholics Anonymous)

6:00 pm Thursday
Back Room

The first 164 pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous are read and discussed.

FAQs (Free-Thinking Agnostic Queers) (Alcoholics Anonymous)

6:00 pm Thursday
Front Room

An open AA meeting for agnostics, atheists and free-thinkers in the queer community. Varying format, free of traditional readings, prayer or dogma.

MGLA (More Gratitude Less Attitude) (Narcotics Anonymous)

7:30 pm Thursday
Back Room

MGLA is an open meeting, and all are welcome. The format of the Thursday meeting rotates: the first week of the month is a literature discussion. NA approved literature is read and the topic is discussed. The second and fourth weeks of the month are a "topic stick" format: attendees choose a numbered stick and discuss the topic that is written on the stick if their number is called. The third week of the month is a speaker meeting with topic/discussion following.

This is H.O.W. (Alcoholics Anonymous)

10:00 pm Thursday
Back Room

12 Steps/12 Traditions. "12 x 12."

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Monday, April 23 at 9:24 pm

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Lambda Board meeting, 3 pm.


Lambda Phoenix Hiking Club

Tonto Natural Bridge - Payson $7.00

Meet and Carpool from Lambda Phoenix Center at 8:00 AM


Imperial Court Meeting, 1:30 PM - Big Room



Lambda Board meeting, 3 pm.


Imperial Court Meeting, 1:30 PM - Big Room

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