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Monday Meetings

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Step 11 Prayer and Meditation Meeting (Alcoholics Anonymous)

6:00 am Monday
Conference Room

Prayer (5-10 min) and Meditation (20-30 min) group meeting. Personal Spiritual Growth through Step 11, open to everyone in all 12 step programs. Come join us and find yourself through the working of this vital step. Friendly and welcoming. Usually finished by 6:45 am. Everyone is welcome to work together as you travel your road of Happy Destiny. Yoga mats welcome.

Casual Nooners (Alcoholics Anonymous)

12:00 pm Monday
Back Room

Big Book reading followed by discussion.

Happy Hour (Newcomers) (Alcoholics Anonymous)

6:00 pm Monday
Back Room

"12 Steps and 12 Traditions" read and discussed.

New Hope (Crystal Meth Anonymous)

7:30 pm Monday
Back Room

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This is H.O.W. (Alcoholics Anonymous)

10:00 pm Monday
Back Room

Card-reading meeting.

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Thursday, February 20 at 5:03 pm

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Bingo 7:15pm


Spring Break Committee Meeting 10:30am

Conference Room

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