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Our Board

Lambda Board of Directors

Loran R.
Responsible for maintenance issues regarding Lambda Phoenix Center; purchases supplies to keep the building going. Liaises with the landscaping and cleaning contractors.
John K.
Responsible for the collection of meeting rents from the safe and making deposits of those rents to the bank; Presents spreadsheets of those deposits to the Board and reports financial information to the Treasurer and the entire Board.
John B.
Responsible for the creation of all non-fundraising function for Lambda Phoenix Center membership; works in conjunction with Fundrasing Director(s) on events such as the quarterly dinner/Bingo.
Rod V.
Responsible for the creation and execution of all fundraising events at Lambda Phoenix Center; those include but are not limited to New Year's Eve, annual Rummage Sale and Pancake Breakfast, End of Summer Sizzler. Works in conjunction with Activities Director(s) on the quarterly birthday dinner/Bingo.
Matt P.
Responsible for the scheduling of meetings, creating meetings bookmarks, and working to procure more meetings at Lambda Phoenix Center; liaises with current meeting chairpersons and addresses any issues, such as security.
Kimmie G.
Responsible for serving in a position deemed necessary to the Board. Has full voting rights.
Chris B.
Responsible for keeping the membership spreadsheet, which contains a complete, alphabetical list of all members and their contact information. The spreadsheet must be available for inspection at least 10 days before each meeting of the membership.
Mike D.
Responsible for presiding at all meetings of the Board; exercises general charge and supervision of the corproation and performs other duties assigned by the Board.
Phil D.
Responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings of the membership, the Board and any standing committee; gives required notices of all meetings of the membership and the Board. Keeps an alphabetical list of all people who are members of the corporation and their contact information. Can sign for the corporation with the President or Vice President. Can affix the seal of the corporation when authorized by the Board. Keeps all records except for accounting documents.
Ross 0.
Responsible for custody of funds and securities of the Corporation, subject to the regulation of the Board; may be required to give bond to perform duties. Can endorse checks, notes and other obligations on behalf of the corporation. Keeps all receipts and vouchers. Maintains the books of the corporation and is responsible for full and accurate account of all monies and obligations. Exhibits books at all reasonable times.
Kelly A.
Vice President
Responsible for performing the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence or disability, when he/she can exercise all the powers of the President; performs all legal duties assigned to him by the Board. Acts as parliamentarian at all meetings of the membership and the Board.

Meeting Schedule

Thursday, February 20 at 5:16 pm

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Bingo 7:15pm


Spring Break Committee Meeting 10:30am

Conference Room

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